Wide Bay Resource Opportunity

A golden history and a bright future


The Wide Bay Burnett Region has a long history of discovering and developing high-quality mineral resources. From the Gympie Gold rush of the late 1860s, to the more than 50 tonnes of gold produced from the Mount Rawdon open pit operation south-west of Bundaberg, the golden haze of the Wide Bay Burnett Minerals Region continues to glow as an investment destination.

The region currently produces gold, coal, silica sand, limestone, siltstone, bentonite, kaolin and diatomite and has prospects in bauxite, copper, nickel, manganese, cobalt, zinc, molybdenum and heavy mineral sands.

The most recent assessment of the region’s minerals offering identified over 200 tenures and 36 exploration and development projects. Realising known mining deposits and projects has the potential to generate up to 1,140 jobs annually and boost the region’s trade output by between $100 million and $345 million each year.


Minerals Investment Prospectus


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