Transport Analytics Project

Utilising CSIRO’s Transport Network Strategic Investment Tool (TraNSIT),  the Wide Bay Burnett to Gladstone Transport Analytics Project report provides detailed base line transport data and mapping for 106 commodities leaving, coming in to, travelling within and passing through the study region.  The data includes commodity value, freight cost and volume.  Also investigated were network constraints and specific scenarios including taking into account  forecast future freight demand.

With the support of regional industry,  the project contributed 15% by freight volume to the already extensive TraNSIT data base.

The purpose of the project was to contribute to an evidence based approach to attracting transport infrastructure investment.  The project was lead by Wide Bay Burnett Regional Organisation of Councils (WBBROC) and supported by 8 other regional agencies.


Final report of the TraNSIT WBB to Gladstone Transport Analytics Project

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