RDA Roadmap

Regional Development Australia Wide Bay Burnett’s 2016-2019 Roadmap sets out a strategic vision defined by a set of aspirational goals considering the economic priorities of all levels of government and issues of significance to the community.

Key regional priorities are:

  • Economic development: Nurturing high potential economic development sectors towards global competitiveness and optimise major projects that have far reaching benefits.
  • Infrastructure: Provide evidence based support for key private and public infrastructure projects that will result in investor confidence and timely action.
  • Innovation: Help businesses, institutions and communities improve their resilience, competitiveness, connectivity and self-sufficiency by embracing innovation and entrepreneurship and digital technologies.
  • Human Capital: Improving the skills, qualifications and participation outcomes of the workforce while ensuring they embrace the unique regional opportunities of the changing economy.
  • Strengthening our regional profile: Through collaboration and research we can maximise the comparative advantages of the region to maximise the successful outcomes between the public and private sector.

The Roadmap is a ‘living’ document and will continue to evolve as we work together with key stakeholders within our community. RDA Wide Bay Burnett partners directly with all three levels of government (Commonwealth, State and Local) and brings them together on local challenges and priorities. We aim to enhance partnerships between governments, industry and the community to address the issues and opportunities that matter most when it comes to advancing this region‘s development.

Download the 2016-2019 Roadmap

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