Committee Members

Chairman – William (Bill) Trevor

Bill Trevor was first elected to Isis Shire Council in 1985. He stood on a platform of bringing local government back to the people – and after serving as a councillor for nine years and was elected Mayor in 1994 and completed a 14 year term.

He was the founding president of the Regional Organisation of Councils, former Director of the Isis Central Sugar Mill Company and Member of the Bundaberg District Health Council.

In addition to his roles within local government, Bill has been Chairman of the Wide Bay Burnett Area Consultative Committee, Chairman of the North Burnett Local Government Association, former Director of the Isis Central Sugar Mill Company, Member of the Bundaberg District Health Council. He has held positions on numerous Local, State and Federal Government committees.

In his private life, Bill is a primary producer with a desire to improve both rural and commercial businesses in the region.

His desire to open communication between councils and their communities has been a major achievement. So has his work in developing and promoting the WBB ACC’s aim to enhance the district’s future by creating long-term jobs and sustainable industries.

He’s also been instrumental in bringing the region together to work as a united group to secure State and Federal funding for the Wide Bay.

Deputy Chair – Tony Nioa

Tony Nioa

Tony has significant knowledge of the regional Queensland market and strong relationships within the Wide Bay Burnett business community, and understands the region’s key economic drivers and trends fundamental to local and interstate investors.

Throughout a 30-year property career, Tony has specialised in the Wide Bay regions of Gympie, Hervey Bay, Maryborough and Bundaberg, gaining extensive experience in property sales, development and leasing of commercial, retail and industrial real estate.

Appointed as the Area Consultative Committee Chairman at the Sunshine Coast for six years, Tony also chaired the Regional Advisory Group (RAG) on the restructure of the Sugar Cane Industry for the Maryborough to Rocky Point area.

Tony is currently at the entry point of investment into the Wide Bay Burnett region and a highly-valued professional with strong focus on progressive economic growth across key industries. He enjoys local community involvement as a member of Rotary Maryborough City executive, and as a member of the Maryborough Chamber of Commerce.

Treasurer – Ed Gibson

Ed is the CEO of the Hervey Bay Boat Club Inc and is a current member of the Australia Institute of Company Directors. Over the last 28 years, Ed has been the CEO of many complex organisations within the sporting, hospitality and casino industries. These include Wyong Leagues Club Group Ltd, Port Adelaide Football Club Ltd and even the Cronulla Sharks Football Club Ltd. He was also the Foundation Director of Fraser Coast Opportunities, the Chair of Sundermann Water Power Ltd, an unlisted public company and is the President of the Hervey Bay Outrigger Canoe Club Inc.

During this time, Ed has built a strong background in corporate management, strategic planning, marketing and development. He has even represented the region at several trade seminars and two (2) overseas delegations to China and Japan.

Ed has now resided in the Wide Bay region for approximately eighteen (18) years. Due to his current role, he has strong connections with the local council, state and federal representatives. Ed is passionate to see the region reduce unemployment and grow to become a “must see” region within the Australian landscape.

Secretary – Georgie Somerset

Georgie Somerset is a beef producer with a wide range of experiences and skills including communication, marketing and strategic planning. Actively involved in a family owned beef property in the South Burnett, and mother of three, Georgie is a board member of Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service and QRAA. She is state Vice President of AgForce Queensland, chairs the Red Earth Community Foundation South Burnett and recently served for five years as president of the Queensland Rural, Regional and Remote Women’s Network. In 2013 she co-founded the South Burnett Community Leadership Program.Georgie has worked with regions across Australia, and has experience in agribusiness, tourism and regional development. A Fellow of the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation and Australian Institute of Company Directors, her particular focus is on strategic planning, developing relationships within and across organisations, and encouraging individuals to reach their full potential. She believes living regionally should not be a disadvantage and actively advocates for telecommunications and transport infrastructure

Committee Member – Kerren Smith

Kerren was the Managing Director of J. Smith & Sons from 1993 and has also been the Managing Director of Smith Global Pty Ltd since 2007.
After taking the reins of production at J. Smith & Sons in 1975, Kerren played a pivotal role in securing and maintaining new and existing markets in the volatile on-and- off-road transport industry.
He boasts more than 40 years of industry experience and is passionate to see the Wide Bay-Burnett grow in prosperity.
Kerren believes the local industry has the capacity to be a consistent provider of good quality jobs and a platform to provide a stable future for the youth of the region.
In addition to his role in his family’s companies, Kerren is also Director of the Queensland Cricket and the past chairman of Wide Bay Tafe.
Kerren is well respected in the Transport, Construction & Engineering, and Mining Industries internationally.

Committee Member – Tanya O’Shea

Tanya joined IMPACT Community Services in 1999, and worked in a range of management positions prior to being appointed as Chief Executive in 2011. Balancing a strong academic and practical background in business management and mental health has assisted Tanya to apply sound business principles to the governance and strategic vision of an organisation that delivers a diverse and innovative suite of programs and services aimed at improving the life opportunities of some of the most vulnerable within the community. Tanya is genuinely committed to community capacity building, developing visionary leaders and creating agile workplaces that can pivot, mobilise and adapt quickly to new challenges and opportunities.

Committee Member – Kristy Frahm

Kristy was appointed CEO of the Burnett Inland Economic Development Organisation Inc (BIEDO) on 1 July 2016. Since this time, Kristy has gained significant insight and experience into what is required to lead an organisation. She is responsible for all elements of managing a not-for-profit organisation, working closely with the board to increase the value BIEDO provides to the region. She is also currently undertaking a Diploma of Business (Governance). Kristy is also a board member with the Red Earth Community Foundation and Saint Mary’s Catholic College (South Burnett).

Having resided in the South Burnett all her life, she has a strong commitment to the Wide Bay Burnett and has a passion in seeing the region grow. Through her current role, Kristy strives to grow networks in the business community both within the region and beyond, particularly with all levels of Government and regional development bodies. A strong part of Kristy’s background is the agricultural trade which she is very fortunate to have the opportunity to engage with a broad cross-section of our community and encourages connections throughout the region to build strong, diverse and effective networks.

Committee Member – Julie Williams

Through her role as CEO of AgSolutions®, Julie Williams has built on the hard work and dedication of her parents being instrumental in the development of what is now a thriving business employing over 30 team members who are committed to serving farming communities.

As a leader, Julie has always looked at ways to enhance the business and she has ensured that this philosophy of ‘continuous improvement’ now underpins everything done at AgSolutions®. Julie brings to RDA Wide Bay Burnett her focus on ‘Lean principles’ of empowering local people, eliminating waste and improving efficiencies.

Committee Member – Bree Grima

Bree Grima (B. Science (Hons), B. Env Science, B. Photography) is the Managing Director for BFVG. In her role Bree liaises closely with Industry to ensure representation and information is a two-way path to help growers in the Wide Bay Burnett increase their productivity and profitability and thus grow the fruit, vegetable, herb and nut industries of the Region.

Bree holds representative positions with the Queensland Horticulture Council, local Sunwater Irrigators Advisory Committee, Coastal Burnett Groundwater Management Advisory Committee, Local Marine Advisory Committee and regularly connects with Regional Council and Local and State members of Government on issues relevant to Agribusinesses in the Region.

Director of Regional Development – Scott Rowe


Scott Rowe has a strong small business background having held senior managerial positons with regional media companies across Queensland over the past 25 years. An award-winning journalist and former newspaper editor, Scott was Enterprise Manager of Fraser Coast Opportunities before joining Regional Development Australia Wide Bay Burnett in October 2014. Scott has lived and worked in the Wide Bay Burnett for more than a decade and boasts strong community networks. He has a strong understanding of the region’s opportunities and challenges and holds positions on business boards, sporting clubs and community organisations.