Media Release – Bridges Renewal Programme Round 2 $6,689,167 Funding approved for the Wide Bay Burnett

The Australian Government is investing $100 million to fund 189 bridges to deliver much-needed economic and safety benefits to communities around Australia under Round Two of the Bridges Renewal Programme.

Acting Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Warren Truss said the Coalition’s new Bridges Renewal Programme is proving very popular, with Round Two seeing a significant increase in the number and quality of applications from local governments.

Only councils were eligible to apply for this round and 270 applications seeking around $220 million in Australian Government funding were received, with 141 being successful.

“This funding is in addition to the Australian Government’s $111 million committed under Round One of the Programme.”

Regional Development Australia Wide Bay Burnett (RDA WBB) Executive Officer Scott Rowe is pleased to announce that the Wide Bay had six applications approved with a combined total of $6,689,167 invested in the region. Details of the successful projects are:

Council Name Project Name Project Description Federal contribution Total Project
Bundaberg Regional Council Monduran Road Bridge, Monduran Road Bundaberg Replace existing one lane timber bridge (closed due to structural safety) with two lane concrete bridge. $1,590,000 $3,180,000
Fraser Coast Regional Council Council Gutchy Creek, Netherby Road, Tiaro Replace a one lane timber bridge with a two lane concrete bridge. $1,143,667 $2,287,334
Gympie Regional Council Goomong Road Bridge Upgrade Replace the single lane timber bridge on Goomong Road with a two lane concrete bridge $955,500 $1,911,000
North Burnett Regional Council North Burnett Regional Council Replace a load-limited one lane timber bridge with a two lane concrete bridge. $2,200,000 $4,400,000
South Burnett Regional Council Marshlands Bridge, Silverleaf Road, Marshlands Replace a timber bridge reduced to single lane with a two lane concrete bridge. $800,000 $1,600,000

More on the Bridges Renewal Programme, including a full list of successful Round Two projects and details on the application process, is available online at:

For further information or for comment please contact RDA WBB Executive Officer Scott Rowe on 0429 881 697.